Friday, September 3, 2010

Open Source Information

Originally posted on 15 Dec 2008:

Like how open source software -- or scientific peer review works, I think that we need to have open source information; about anything and everything.  All good ideas need to be shared, and built up, and revised, and improved -- for the benefit of all.  Patents are not working; not in the way they were intended.  And good solutions to the world's challenges are too important to "sit on".

So, here's an idea I have been working on: a two cylinder diesel cam driven engine (as opposed to a crankshaft driven engine) that directly spins a counter-rotating electrical generator.  The torque profile can be optimized for the load of the generator, and since the cams are already rotating in either direction, why not spin the armature in one direction, and the stator in the other direction?

I'll come back with more description, and drawings, and maybe even a 3D model.  I want to make a mini version of a diesel train locomotive, and add the huge increase in efficiency that comes from a cam driven engine.  The ability to burn biodiesel efficiently, and generate electricity for a serial electric hybrid drive system seems to make a lot of sense to me.

[See my newer post on my CarBÅ’N EV concept.]

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